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Arneg is one of the largest commercial refrigeration cabinet makers in the world. Established half a century ago on Italian principles of style, tradition and exclusive quality, Arneg is an international leader in the design and manufacture of supermarket refrigeration equipment.


EcoChill has a tight-knit alliance with the Arneg Group and have exclusive representation of Arneg products in New Zealand. Arneg’s supermarket refrigeration equipment and full selection of remote cabinets are manufactured under a strong commitment to product quality, innovation and environmental protection.

Based in Italy, the Arneg Group produce efficient refrigeration solutions, manufactured under strict European standards to exacting Italian design. Arneg equipment is a superior choice for the following reasons:

  1. Extremely flexible production lines can easily adjust to meet your unique requirements. Bespoke refrigeration.
  2. Cutting-edge, high-tech systems are continuously updated in response to market research
  3. Rigorous quality control is applied to all steps of the production process from design to final testing

Authentic Italian Character

Established in 1963, Arneg is proudly Italian - exporting the best of Italy to the world. Arneg has kept the Italian tradition of creative genius, craftsmanship and innovation at the core of it’s operating and designing ethos. Arneg is style, tradition and exclusive quality.


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