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You could be forgiven for thinking the Darby’s have refrigerant flowing through their veins what with Matthew, James and Louise all working in the family business. Matthew completed his apprenticeship in refrigeration in the early 90’s in the same company Dad Michael (also a fully qualified refrigeration engineer) was working for at the time. James too followed in Michael’s footsteps, and that left Louise. Having considered it briefly, Louise realised her hands could get dirty on the tools so quickly changed tack and is now crunching numbers in the office instead (manicure intact).

Having clearly set their course by the late 80’s, the business of cooling has been the focus for the team at EcoChill for a big chunk of their lives. After the company Matthew worked for went through an ownership change he decided it was time to have a go at steering the ship himself. Established in 2000 as Technicool Refrigeration, the business has always strived to bring some real smarts to the art of keeping things cold. When Technicool merged with its sister company Arneg NZ in 2006 to create a one-stop-shop for commercial and retail refrigeration, the business continued to grow and develop its energy efficient and environmentally focused products for mainstream use.

Today that growth continues, and to better reflect that strength and technical ability the business changed its name to EcoChill. EcoChill delivers all the same great products – Arneg, Oscartielle, Incold and Afinox – with the same strong relationships and support, and the additional focus of truly innovative and clever technology that the EcoChill team have developed in house for your benefit.

From two vans working out of Matthew’s garage in 2000 to bases in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch, with a staff of 32 and growing, EcoChill have really cool people doing really cool things in refrigeration. We’re pretty proud of our achievements over the last few years:

• 2006 New Zealand’s first Supermarket Glycol system
• 2007 New Zealand’s first CO2/Propylene system
• 2009 New Zealand’s first EcoChill system for export kiwifruit bulk storage
• 2010 North Island’s first Supermarket Subcritical CO2 system
• 2012 New Zealand’s first Transcritical CO2 system

And we don’t plan on stopping there. A true family owned and operated business, EcoChill is focused on developing true world leading Natural Refrigeration technologies through its team of highly skilled people.


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